Mission Statement

“When I look back in time I always feel that the strength of my character and any strings of my success is nothing but the share result of never being scared of failures. The show never stops, it must go on and so does the human efforts. I have lived my life by saying what I mean and by doing what I say. One should always remember the simplest principle of life, “IT ENDS”, but until it ends don’t stop living, live every single second, every single minute and every single day of your life as it’s going to be a last.

I dedicate this website to my parents for giving me a chance to be their son and achieve everything in life that I ever dreamt of. The only person standing between you and success is no one but yourself.

Don’t wait for life to happen, go a head, step forward and make it happen. May God bless you all.

Special dedication

I also want to thank Mahrukh for her believe in me, her undying faith in the message that I spread and the work I do. Even though she is no more, and indeed she is in a better place looking down from heavens and smiling, as this website is the first step towards achieving our collective goal, “a humane world, a better Pakistan for you, me and for everyone else. Thank you for being friend, thank you for believing in me when a lot of people didn’t, thank you for letting me known that how special I am to you as u will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you again for just being you.” –SAHIR

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